Date of event: September 26, 2013,

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

{Revised update}

Welcome! Long time domainer and Founder, Organizer, Jason Thompson has put out the word he is looking for a venue in the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica or Venice area of the greater Los Angeles area, well he has decided on Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana in Marina Del Rey, Ca!  More than 3o big time domainers have already nabbed their invite as seating will be limited as usual.  Domain Investor, George Verdugo,  pioneer of & to name a few will be flying in from Kansas City for the occasion. George is excited to meet everyone and will offer words of wisdom on his successful start-ups. He is actively looking to purchase domain names and would love to speak with each of you! This event will be a great low-key networking opportunity, so like Jason says, “bring your business cards!”  The event is free and Southern California Domainers has conveniently coordinated this meet up with no sponsors so drinks and meals will be made available at your own liking.  Moving on, Southern California Domainers are plentiful and have wide visions to share with one another and to network with all the new start  ups, web development, web designs and SEO specialties to name a few.

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Well, if so don’t spend your hard earned money on advertisement, how about becoming our sponsor?  I would submit to the each of you if you would take a moment and entertain the idea of becoming a sponsor it will mostly likely boost your reputation and business in big ways!  Please shoot me an email at for more valuable information on becoming a sponsor. Please click here for the meet up location and details, we look forward to seeing you there: Southern California Domainers

Kevin Faler