ICANN CEO: “We Will Not Change our Timeline”

2/6/2013. ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade, in his recent “New gTLD Applicant Webinar” dated February 5, 2013 affirmed his committment to moving forward with the rollout of new Top Level Domains. Chehade stressed that ICANN has a responsibility to move forward with new Top Level Domains for the benefit of internet users as a whole as well as for the benefit of those who have applied to operate new Top Level Domains, but not at the expense of the stability of the DNS, which is the core responsibility of ICANN. Chehade also encouraged those in the domain name industry to help improve the perception of the domain name industry by affirming that the DNS brings value to the world and that the DNS is important to innovation.

ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade

“We cannot let the world define us. It is time that we go out and define the value that we bring to the world.”

Chehade also outlined plans to ensure a more level playing field for both Registrars and Registries. In order to accomplish this, ICANN has released a new proposed Registry agreement, and will also be requiring unrestricted registries to use registrars only through the 2013 RAA. The new proposed Registry agreement has been published for public comment on ICANN’s website.

ICANN is On Track to Reveal Initial Evaluation Results on March 23

ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade shared that ICANN is on track to release initial evaluation results for Top Level Domain applicants by March 23. Click on the image below to view a pdf slide presentation of the webinar.