No one can predict which GTLD will go big.  Why? Learn from the GTLD video. You are not merely registering a new GTLD you are branding and capitalizing on your business.  Investing in GTLD’s are and will change the internet.  GTLD’s once approved will not be available for at least a year after the submission of the original application.  You can apply at to get started right away.  This video explains an overview why you should invest.

Over all, internet names are mere domain names, thus, GTLD’s.  Generic Top Level Domains are names such as .car as an example.  Google is investing in it’s own future and the future for you and I as well.  Internet names are domain names which we mostly know as the .com.  The .com will only become a well sought after pioneer in  the future they will be aged for the most part and are forever etched in our memories. If you think about it for a minute you can see why Google is vying for these Generic Top Level Domains, it is all about investing in the future and thinking logically.  The price tag is hefty but it is all apart of doing business as we know it today.  Internet names are and will become more valuable and businesses will not be able to be without a web property know known as intellectual property.  We wish you the best of luck from and hope you found this video useful in the process as we now know it to be.  Remember, if you got left out in the 90′s here is your chance to be a part of ICANN and have your very own registrar. Keep an eye on this video for opposition.