As far as GTLDville.com is concerned either will work!  Now then, let’s see  how this will all play out…players for the .Girls will surely see some huge results here as from the day of Genesis the world today has found itself in a plethora of  sex related media frenzies.  The GTLD or better termed Generic Top Level Domains will be the new “Gtld’s Gone Wild.” Why? Simply put, sex sells and either way you slice it .girls or .xxx will be shelved for the purposes of entertainment.  It is a billion dollar industry and can easily push the gTLD’s over the edge.  While .XXX is still the up coming front runner I would not bet on it.  There are plenty of other gTLD’s which are to be had with the same connotation.  You see my friends, it is all about the mighty dollar and either way you look at it the root of all evil is upon us.

GTLD’s are coming and it will change the internet forevermore no matter if we agree to disagree.  When you figure in the dollar amount into the equation and couple it with adult entertainment then you  have an audience whether underground or not.  With the new upcoming ballot in California to legalize the  use of recreational marijuana this will surely add to the GTLD’s frenzy as well.  I look at is as sort of like chum in the water, you toss it in and they will come floundering from all depths of the abyss.  By the way, .Marijuana?  Perhaps?  GTLD’s are going to change many outlooks for the internet and actually if you look at it correctly with the passing of .XXX it is basically compartmentalizing itself.  Meaning, it is categorizing itself and growing extra heads and dragon slaying tails as it grows into a new generation of internet names. Do you disagree?  Do you agree?  Basically, the domain industry is really only so big and certainly apart of the dark abyss I spoke of earlier.  Maybe you are a domain fossil and think you understand but really you don’t get it?  Who knows for sure where the GTLD’s will take  us but be for certain their are new sprouts in the industry who are gaining traction fast with many new technology ideas that will far surpass the domain industry as we know it today.

Thank you my friends for listening to me spew words of silly kings before me.  Lastly, have you noticed the Spanish and Indian GTLD’s?  We can all sit back and say…whatever… but mind you me…if you were left out in the 90′s …you surely do not want to be left out in the 2012 era…gtldville….

 P.S. Let’s comment here…and argue a little it is Wednesday and the middle of the week….I could use a few laughs…Kev