gTLD’s vs. Gold

gTLD’s vs. Gold, every where I look I seem to see little tid bits of information regarding gTLD’s but really what I am hearing about the most is which one is going to be the one who everyone and there brother really is going to be seeking.  I have heard everything from .radio to .web to a few others but again mere conjecture and not much punch to it.  What I do know is the legal wrangling has already begun and lawyers are salivating at the chance to jump in head first in order to serve those deep pockets which seem to be never ending.  The entire concept is doable although I think an additional 24 months to brainstorm the idea would be worth its weight in gold.  The mad gold rush to pinch off a few gTLD’s was the big dawgs effort in order to cash in.

Interestingly enough, gold is still at an all time high, well at least it was, I have not kept track recently.  Here is the kicker though, most are are on the creek bed line with their individual pan still sifting for answers to the golden question what gTLD is going to make it big.  The reason this holds to be true is the average domainer will eventually have to step up and try and get in on the gold rush….if not then they will be doomed just like most were that did not get in on the 90′s action.  Do you have your pan ready? Personally, I do not think they will go into circulation for at least 24 to 36 months….as there is overwhelming questions which cannot be properly answered or assessed at the present time. I will keep you updated if any trinkets of information surfaces…until then keep panning….