For Sale


At the looks of things  (coupons) is a winner here.  After all, in the near future there will be all kinds of discounts offered by GTLD registrars as they will all have some type of competition. If you don’t think it is going to be a jungle out there you are sadly mistaken.  Welcome to the jungle of GTLD’s coming soon everywhere near you.  Internet names are domain names which are referred to as: Generic Top Level Domains a term identifying the internet names to  hit the internet next year.  At a whopping 185k you too can pick one or more up by applying through ICANN.  I have decided early on to invest in what I call clear and convincing domain names which will compliment the GTLD’s from the .com theory.  Do you think Google would have it any other way?
Remember, the .com will never go away…it is a household name here at least in America and when Americans see a winner they do not turn away…they keep winning.  Americans are use to the jungle and we have fought hard over the years to win.  If my theory proves to be true then it is a winner!  Now then, why Well very simple once the jungle is full of Generic Top Level Domains then I am sure you would agree coupons will come alive even if the GTLD’s are entrenched within the jungle.  Like a sniper in the tree, end users will spot them look for the discounted rates which will belabor themselves as the .com will prove up its very own competition. Like tunnel rats they will all come running….. If you would like to make an offer on this domain name please shoot me an email..