In case you missed the unveiling of the GTLD’s you can see a rendition of the applications revealed.  Although the applications have not been approved you can get an idea of how the process works. is a new launch and is expected to follow news updates and will share as much information as we can so you may be  updated frequently.  Thank you for visiting GTLDville.comICANN is up and coming and there is much controversy about this organization but I am sure it will pleasure consumer choice.  Internet stake holders will sure reap the reward which will be will be fair across the board.  ICANN has a heft duty with the stake holders and the community will be proud of all the work to come.  Over the next couple of months we will soon see an objective approval of such new generic top level domains.  Remember there is a seven month objection period if you do not agree with certain applications.  However, we will have to see how it all unfolds.  Please listen and enjoy the video as you will see all of your questions will be answered.  I  have to hand it to ICANN as they have done a great job on this video.

ICANN Reveal Day: New gTLDs and What’s Next from ICANN and ICANN on