Welcome to©, here you can find some interesting domain names mostly with the GTLD preface and I have to tell you I do find some of them quite interesting.  I am not sure how some of them may apply, however, to each his own and hopefully the theory will prove to be true.  After all, it will be many years before the GTLD’s actually gains traction and this is where the domainer cashes in on the market.  So, if you are still with me here you can see some are quite interesting and may have what it takes to charm the gauntlet.  Now then, yes there are many nay sayers in the industry but I can tell you there has already been offers on some of these domain names.  Why? 

Well, it is simple..if you focus your thoughts on how the customer/end user will learn about any new GTLD they most likely will use a blog or other resources to gain the education they are looking for.  Here is an example: will certainly set some footprints as the industry moves forward as there will undoubtedly be discounted registrar sites who will certainly entertain the idea of picking up this domain.  Have we all not searched for domain coupons?  Exactly…

  • Take a good look at these domain names and ask yourself the question:
  •  What could I use this domain name for?
  • Will it go big in the near future?
  • How does it relate to the domain name industry for keywords?
  • Are the prices worth what they are asking?
  • Should I ask for or submit an offer?
  • Will someone get it before me?