Brad White (BW), ICANN Director of Media Affairs: Jeff, you’re ICANN’s Chief Security Officer. You were brought in to look at this glitch in the new gTLD application system, to see if it was in anyway connected with hacking or a cyber attack. What did you determine?

Jeff Moss (JM), ICANN Chief Security Officer: We didn’t find anything. So we analyzed all the logs and looked at any other indicators that might suggest an intrusion, unusual activity, network activity. We didn’t find anything.

We have to commend Jeff, ICANN Chief Security Officer for a well spoken interview in which he clearly speaks from the heart and enables the viewers to see that ICANN is forthright. Now then, as we have listened to Jeff give reasoning behind the glitch, hopefully we can all move forward with the understanding that ICANN has done it’s own due diligence in effort to find destroy and kill the bug or glitch within it’s system. GTLD’s are at the forefront of the new frontier of the internet age to come as we know it. ICANN has a tremendous job ahead of itself to ensure the safety of it’s own underpinnings of the organization and certainly has an open door policy to offer up its transparency. We love to hear this type open door policy as it allows for better communication and throws out the ole adage of playing hide the ball. Here at we follow ICANN in its footsteps to keep you updated with all the current news whether good bad or indifferent. This makes for a healthy relationship and too it makes for another branch of the industry to keep you informed perhaps with additional light on what to expect. If you would please comment to our posts we would certainly appreciate it as it allows us to grow and understand your expectations.