Domainers flood


The new craze is a new social networking site that has caught the attention of domainers snapping up not only domain industry names but other vanity names as well.  The thought is if you register multiple names you can massage the channel and get numerous subscribers with content, pics, images, videos etc…  Once this is done over a period of time perhaps someone may be interested in purchasing the channel.

Who knows if it will work or not, however, I can tell you it looks very promising after all as a domainer we look at numbers and has the numbers with a whopping one million visits in its first week according to Mashable reports.  If you get a chance and you would like to check it out….go to:  this will give you and idea how it works.  If you do decide to register you can see more clearly how the channel works and how it could benefit your domain business.  I have another channel:, so if anything I am thinking we can have some fun here…and if we pull it off it is a winner.

By the way, and’s has already been registered.  The after thought is to eventually charge a fee to your channel which is a huge benefit to domainers.  The fee starts at about 1.99 to 34.99 per month.  Obviously, you cannot charge for everything but you could set a nominal fee for something such as “Domain Consultation.”  This would probably work, the catch would be to convince the novice domainer they should pay for education when we all know the novice domainer will pay a couple thousand dollars for worthless domain names but refuse to pay 1.99 for education, so go figure.  But seriously, go take a look it is pretty good…cause you can upload audio for quick messages to your clients or end users….plus they have a really cool high tech video broadcast software program.  I have used it and it is pretty awesome…this is what sets apart from all the other worthless social networking sites out there….