.Club is probably one of the most viable Gtld’s I could possibly think of which may be a natural fit for the internet. The reason in part is because if you think about it for a moment you will see that extensions of any kind must first fit to become viable for the internet.  After all, I believe just about every American abroad… likes the word “club” and when used in the correct context you can clearly see it will work.  For example: Boys.club, Girls.club, Car.club, Secret.club etc… Now then, yes I could keep going with it…. but again you can clearly see how it could work feasibly for the internet nationally or globally.

My take on it is the .Club is probably one of the better picks in 2014, again because it is a natural fit.  Whether you and I like it or not, the Gtld’s are here to stay but I must say some will not fair as well as others.  I do not have the magic wand to shake and make real thoughts of which are to come and go but it is not rocket science, we can all figure it out pretty easily.  For me, I am still a .com fan but will tell it as I am also a fan of the .Co as well.  Why the .Co? Well, despite what you may hear I have developed a few .Co’s and they do very well not only with ranking but traffic and adsense as well. So then, for me the .Co works well. Moreover, truth be told I have sold all types of domain extensions and let me tell you it is not all about SEO, it is about the site, its over all content and if you use Google ads.

Not all domain extensions will bring organic traffic, it is up to the sites owner to explore Google and its algorithm to get it to work. People seem to argue with me all the time, however, all I say is why do mine get traffic and make money and yours do not.  Well, it is because I know how Google works and I know how to get love from Google. When it comes to the .Club I would venture to say the same can be accomplished very simply by applying the same methodology. Of course, SEO does have a lot to do with it and dependent on what type of site is developed will be dependent on what the site calls for. If you have for example: Footprints.club or BooHoo.club then most likely your site will fail miserably because the precedent words are basically worthless. Meaning, it is not a natural fit.  I apologize if I am being generic here but not everybody gets it.

If you truly want to invest in a good Gtld, I would say the .club is a good one at this point.  My personal thoughts are that all the Gtld’s are over priced, thus, leaving most people out of the loop to register them in abundance.  Therefore, the thought would be to select a few trendy or catchy names for a start up would probably prove to be fruitful. In a sense I can see most of the Gtld’s going nowhere with consumers as there will only be so many to nab before the selection will dwindle.  Lastly, I would say join the .CLUB we are all in this together…