2013 Brokerage has never been easier as it relates to selling domain names. Spanish domain names are flying off the charts in the underground world.  Broker Kevin Faler, C.E.O. GTLDville.com & silent partner George Verdugo, owners of NoticiasDeDominios.com (Domain News in Spanish) have had really good luck in networking with the Latin community from around the world globally. People always ask what domains we have sold lately and for how much. Our answer is if you are a buyer/investor you would have such information, we are not in the business of boasting we are in the business of brokering and keeping our buyers/investors equally informed. The Latin world is a proud world but not a boastful world and we respect the entire world as we know it today.  However, I will say this, George Verdugo, C.E.O. of CasasBaratas.com is the largest Latin Real Estate Company in the world! Our partnership is one of trust and equality for all!  If you are looking to purchase a domain name and would like us to help you fetch such a property please email us and we can chat.  GTLD’s are coming and we will all be affected by their presence but always remember the .com and other tld’s will never go away, never!